Thursday, February 28, 2008

Currently I am working on about 50 ATC's for a swap I am participating in. I think my eyes have started to cross by now. I thought I would give myself a little break today and do a proper sized lo. I took this photo of my darling Hayden with this adorable balloon I got him for Valentine's day. It has this outrageously cute bulldog with these big lips glued on, and it says "Gimme Some Lovin!". This balloon has been a bad guy for most of the past week. Hayden has enjoyed punching it and karate chopping it. Today (yes, the balloon is still alive and well), it has proceeded to be a pinata. Ahh, the imagination of a four year old boy, never ceases to amaze me! Anyway, as I was saying to save my poor (45 year old eyes - remember I just had a birthday) I worked on a normal size piece of paper. Here is latest of my little Valentine, Hayden.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today's My Birthday!!

He,hee I woke up and Hayden, my four year old, was asking me if I would have cake and a party today. I was telling him that the older you get you don't celebrate birthdays much. Really the birthdays that end in "0" are the ones that you celebrate. I guess it is not so much celebrating another decade of life, but more of a celebration of "Yay, I'm still alive!". I've made it to 45, and all I can say is wow, how did that go by so quickly?! Today will, however, be just another day. Brett is out of town, which is usually how it falls during birthdays or anniversaries. I'll probably celebrate tonight watching "Little Sprout" tv with Hayden - not unless I can get him interested in watching American Idol with me. What do you think - hmmm, what will it be?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, I am still getting this hang of this blog stuff! Thank you all that have come to leave comments. If I ever try to go digital on lo's, I might be in big trouble! The last time I was actually working in a office we didn't even have Windows (he,hee I "am" talking about Microsoft Windows). All that I have learned since then has been self-taught or from a little help from others here and there.

Thank you so much Kristie for setting my blog up and for the beautiful graphic artwork in my header. Thank you Susan for helping the dummy out here in getting my blog working correctly after I messed it up!! I have some really wonderful friends!! That goes to all of you by the way!

My First Card

Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh my gosh, after persuasion from online friends, I have started making Artist Trading Cards. I have to admit - I was scared to death of a little bitty piece of card at first. Well, now I am addicted to these little things. Hee,hee as you can see - I am working on being Queen of the ATC's.

My latest favorite lo of mine. How can you resist such a sweet little boy. I just happen to be lucky. This one belongs to me!