Thursday, February 28, 2008

Currently I am working on about 50 ATC's for a swap I am participating in. I think my eyes have started to cross by now. I thought I would give myself a little break today and do a proper sized lo. I took this photo of my darling Hayden with this adorable balloon I got him for Valentine's day. It has this outrageously cute bulldog with these big lips glued on, and it says "Gimme Some Lovin!". This balloon has been a bad guy for most of the past week. Hayden has enjoyed punching it and karate chopping it. Today (yes, the balloon is still alive and well), it has proceeded to be a pinata. Ahh, the imagination of a four year old boy, never ceases to amaze me! Anyway, as I was saying to save my poor (45 year old eyes - remember I just had a birthday) I worked on a normal size piece of paper. Here is latest of my little Valentine, Hayden.

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Stacey said...

I LOVE that LO Susan!!! Hayden is just adorable!!! too bad you are soooo far away!! we could get him together with Calista!! hee hee