Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, I am still getting this hang of this blog stuff! Thank you all that have come to leave comments. If I ever try to go digital on lo's, I might be in big trouble! The last time I was actually working in a office we didn't even have Windows (he,hee I "am" talking about Microsoft Windows). All that I have learned since then has been self-taught or from a little help from others here and there.

Thank you so much Kristie for setting my blog up and for the beautiful graphic artwork in my header. Thank you Susan for helping the dummy out here in getting my blog working correctly after I messed it up!! I have some really wonderful friends!! That goes to all of you by the way!


Stacey said...

You are doing awesome girl!!! Kristie did a fabulous job on your header too!!! too cool!!

Jane said...

Your blog looks wonderful Susan!!!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Love the new blog Susan!!! It's kinda fun isn't it!! I really like your 'about me' piece!!!