Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cleaning Day

So Brett comes home today, and that means I need to get this house in order! Ok, so I am a little easier on Hayden about his toys. I let him take out several at a time, and I don't always make him pick them up at night. I know I should be teaching him to pick up. It is something I need to work on with him. It is just sometimes easier not dealing with the crying and hassle. Come on parents, you got to "know" what I am talking about here. Anyway, it is last minute crunch to clean. He,hee now that I think about it. Not much has changed since school! I used to wait to the last minute to do my papers and study for tests!!

Here is my latest. It is when we took Hayden to the Polar Express in New Hampshire. It was so cold that weekend, but we had fun. Here we are during our day excursion of the area.

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Stacey said...

I LOVE that LO!!! I try to get my kids to pick up after themselves...and the don' why bother??? hee hee