Friday, March 21, 2008


I can't believe it is Easter already. Has Easter always been in March? I seems so strange that it is the weekend after St. Patrick's Day. I always thought there was more time between the two holidays. On this holiday I wish I was back down south. It is so much more fun hiding and finding Easter eggs when it is warm outside. There is something "wrong" about wearing a coat while hunting for Easter eggs!

Anyway, here is a little project that Hayden I did yesterday. He was so excited because he got to do all the gluing. It is such a simple thing, but he is having fun playing puppet theater. This bunny is mine. Hayden's has yellow ears and three blue arms and a long white tail. :)


**luci** said...

this is so cute.

Stacey said...

ohhhh sooo cute!!!

Leigh Anne said...

heheehee cute bunny ;) easter is usually in april - but it moves around ;) you are right, hunting in a jacket just AIN'T right!! ;)