Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Hunt Is On!!

Well, after 3 weeks on the market we sold our home! Yes, we are really lucky in todays' market! This lady wants almost all my stuff too! She aint getting it. She put my beautiful pot rack in the contract. Man, I loved that pot rack too. She wants my bed in my guest room and whatever else I'd want to sell. Do you realize how long it too me to get Brett to buy me guest beds. No way am I going back to just a bed frame!!

Anyway, I leave tomorrow morning to go house shopping. I've been looking at homes online, and wow! There is just so much more that you can get for your money down south. I am so looking forward to putting Hayden in a game room and letting him free - no more toys all over my family room!! Now, I can't stop him from getting toilet paper all over his bathroom - doesn't matter how many times I tell him toilet paper is NOT a toy - does he listen? I guess not! Ok, how'd I get off subject?

Soooo, I am there for a week. I am hoping I can find something, so we don't have to put our stuff in storage. Brett doesn't get that I need my scrap stuff!! Well, not only for DT stuff, but I NEED it!! :)

Ok, so Brett gave his notice yesterday as well. He has been with this company for 22 years right out of college. He is going through so many emotions right now i.e. guilt, sadness, relief, happiness.... They are all over the place. I guess I'd feel the same, but hey, I've been a bum since 1995. I like my day job - lol Well, actually raising a wild 4 year old boy does have its demands. Well, we are just embarking on that next chapter in our lives. We will be closer to family and close friends. We really want that for Hayden. Family is what matters.

See ya when I get back!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Redeeming Myself - Rose Moka

Ok, since I booted my blog post about their fab papers because Stacey wanted me to play along in her tag, I have a couple more lo's using the fabulous new line Appel de la Nature!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sorry Rose Moka (but I've got a chance of getting a RAK)

Ok, so Stacey tag me (yeah, I'm one of "the Susans). I just posted my RM stuff and they are already getting booted - bah, I'm so sorry - did I mention the rak?

Here goes

Two names you go by: one there are many but Tootie (no that is NOT how I got it!!) Tuna (ok you try saying Susan when you just turn two!)

The things that you are wearing right now: My pajama shirt (yes, I dropped off Hayden to daycare wearing it) and gray work out pants (no work out not included)

Two of your favorite things to do: Love me some scrapbooking and love me some shopping - so nice how they go together!

Two things you want very badly at this moment: I want all my move stuff to be over and to be settled. To lose about 40 lbs (overnight if possible)

Two pets that you have or had: Yankee and Doodle (cats) and Bartel's and Jaymes (cats) Yes I can count, but they came in pairs so that is two - right?

Two things you did last night: Drank too much - celebrating the sell of our house - cash buy too! Fed all three of my boys.

Two things you did today: Got my new DT stuff in "finally" from Canada - so I did three lo's! Made flight arrangements for a house trip - you know to get my new mansion that comes with a scrap room!! Yeah, right.

Two things you ate today: My Honey Dew large Hazelnut Iced Coffee (yes, dangit, Starbucks is about 20 minutes away!) and a chicken salad sandwich from the little local pizza joint just around the corner - remember I live just off Main Street - this is good and bad!

Two people I talked to today: My realtor and the Southwest person on the phone

Two things you are doing tomorrow: I need to get a birthday present and of course, always a priority - scrap!

Two memorable vacations: A trip with my teen group at church during high school. We slept in tents and I had a 102 fever. Scotland!! So magical and pretty!! Not to mention all the cute baby lambs every where!!

Two favorite holidays: I love Christmas and Thanksgiving - family together is the funnest - did I mention that Santa visits as well!

New Rose Moka Release *Appel de la Nature*

I "finally" got my DT goodies in from Canada! Man, it took forever!! This line is so versatle! You can see I did different styles with the same papers! I had a lot of fun with them!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NEW GRAPHIC 45 CHA 2008!!!

Yay!!! I fianally get to show you these awesome new lines of paper. You've got to check them out here Bontanicabella - OMG!!! Every inch of it is just gorgeous!! Playtimes Past - can you say CUTE!! Here is some little bit of previews for ya. Enjoy!