Friday, February 27, 2009

46 and Lovin it - well sort of!

Yesterday was my 46th birthday. Dang where on earth does the time go?! I am truly at a happy stage in my life. However, I think - man, I'm only "4" years from being 50!! What the!!! I wish I could stop time sometimes though, especially where Hayden is concerned. He turned 5 January the 30th. He's hardly my "little" baby anymore. Anyway, Brett and I had a nice evening last night for my birthday. We sat outside at a nice little seafood grill place (yeah, ha ha, we can do that here in Houston), and then we went to see "The Reader". It was a good movie, but I still liked Benjamin Button better - more of a tear jerker you know. I always love movies that stir up my emotions. I guess that why I still like scary movies! Anyway today is just another day - you know, laundry, cleaning kitty litter, grocery shopping, cooking dinner.... alas pampered only for a day - it never lasts does it.


Antoinette said...

Hi Susan! Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like you've had a wonderful time... and diner outside... sigh... I wish it was spring already. The weather is dark, grey, cold, drewling and effecting my state of mind these days :(
I love your new blog style!

phamil said...

Happy late birthday girlie!!! Glad you had a good time! And I'm 51, so I'm like a dinosaur!!! LOL! I want to see Benjamin Button, and have you seen Taken? It was SUPER!!! Well, have a great week-end!

Jane said...

Awww..happy birthday my friend!! (sorry I'm a little late!) Hey, just for the record, turning 50 kind of sucks but when you get usd to it it's not so bad!...Have I told you I love your blog look? very cute!!!