Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first solid night's sleep in ages!

No coughing, no child to wake me, no hubby moving or snoring (hee,hee I slept in the guest bed last night) - it was marvelous!! Why am I still tired today! I've been a walking zombie for a week now!
Our sinuses have gone bezerk down here. There is even a ring of yellow pollen around our pool. I guess it is going to take awhile to get used to everything. Man, am I dreading the humidity and heat the Houston summer is going to bring!
Well, so far I have survived Hayden being home for spring break. Today is day 3! We're doing pretty good. Which reminds me of how funny he is .... right now he will NOT kiss me. I have a fever blister on my mouth. Obviously this grosses him out! The other day (pre fever blister he was so cute). It is funny how we program our kids without knowing it. He asked for ketchup, and when I brought it to him, I said it's going to cost you. (now, he "just" turned five) He scrugged his shoulders and smiled. Okay? A hug or a kiss? I had to laugh. Had I really "done" this that many times before for him to respond so automatically? I guess so. I loved it though. Our little guy definitely knows he's loved. Either that or the cost of ketchup is steep!!

Well, on to my next assignment. I am cutting out the objects he prints off of the computer. I am thrilled he knows how to play the games - but seriously, how many pigs must I cut out until enough is enough!?!


Liz Qualman said...

We spend a lot of time cutting out things from Maddie's coloring books and then she spends hours playing with them LOL. So much cheaper than real toys - hee, hee. Hope the sinuses get under control for you. Bright side - Spring has hit!

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Ohhhh.... Glad you had a decent night sleep hon!
And I hope you all will feel better real soon!