Sunday, April 26, 2009

Creative Therapy

We all need it right? Some of us just need therapy, lol! I am so honored to be the Guest Designer this week for the Creative Therapy Challenge Blog

Now this is not your normal challenge blog. This site makes you think. It really is about therapy and finding that inner artist inside. When Karen, the founder of this awesome site, asked me to be a guest designer I was floored. You should see the ladies who have been guest designers there! No way am I in the same caliber as they are. Alas, though, there I am this week as a guest designer. Thank you Karen for choosing me to grace your site. It is a wonderful and meaningful site. I hope that others find this hidden jewel out there, because it is truly a wonderful place indeed with wonderful talented artists as well.

Catalyist No. 59 "Apologize to Someone"

I made an "Apology Box". My Journaling reads:

I apologize to myself for – never loving my self to make a difference in my life in the areas where needed.

I apologize to myself for – letting others in my past take advantage of me or abuse me.

I apologize to myself for – giving up and not pushing myself harder in areas I needed to work on.

I apologize to myself for – the times that I have been preoccupied and didn’t want to participate with others in my family. I have hurt not only them but myself as well.

I apologize to myself for – being critical or unbelieving of my self worth or talents.

I apologize to myself for – waiting so long to become a mother because I thought I would be the mother my own mother was. I was so wrong.

I apologize to myself for – keeping all the pain and hurt inside when I was younger. I should have shared it with someone.


Julie Howard said...

I love your box - and your aplogies to yourself. Just lovely. And I apologize for putting that "Kick Me" sign on your back. ::hugs::

wendela said...

beautiful box Susan!!

lari scrap said...

This box is amazing, Susan, congrats!

Liz Qualman said...

Great design for the guest challenge and your apologies are very heart felt. Thank you for sharing and I am on my way to check out this site.

cheryln said...

fabulous Susan!!

JgWM said...

So cute and amazingly creative

Susan said...

First...Big Congrats!

Awesome "apology" box...very heartfelt journaling! Take it to heart....Love ya, girl!!! Hugs!

Kim said...

Oh Wow Susan...this is such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to check out the site and congrats on being the Guest Designer. YOu soooooo deserve it!!!!!!

Paulien van den Bosch said...

wow.... first of all... CONGRATS!!!!

then... my gosh, what a very creative idea... I love it, just as I love that cute box!!!!!!