Monday, April 13, 2009

One Week Behind!!

Ok - I really have a good excuse!! My MIL was in town for 12 DAYS!! Yes, I survived. However, she tattled on me about everything I did to my husband. I couldn't scrapbook, or play on the computer like I normally would!

Weekend before last I went on a scrap retreat with some of my good friends from It was so cool meeting girls I had only talked to on the phone! We hit it off in person just like we do online. And, believe it or not, everyone survived my abuse! Even altercations at the 50% off store didn't stop these girls! I even had a slight brawl with Julie "RetroJulie" in the FancyPants section. You have to read all about the happenings on her Facebook site - too funny! I'd give you the run down, but she'd probably get upset if I was funnier that she is! LOL

Yes, even though there were late nights, shopping, eating.... We actually managed to scrap! I don't know how I managed. I never scrap with a plan. I just grab as I go. I had to bring things to scrap with this go around. My lo's actually turned out ok - he,hee I did get to shop for supplies though while we were there. Is that cheating? Anywho, I hope you enjoy the lo's I did. I haven't taken a pic yet of the one that blew in the pool yet. I think it "might" be flat enough now to get a decent pic!


Julie Howard said...

Your MIL tattles on you? I like her! Oh, and I like the LO's too. ;)

Sophia said...

Oh my!!! Those are some really lovely layouts! I love your style Susan! :)

Paulien van den Bosch said...

awwww poor girl!!!!!!

I really love those pages... they are simply AWESOME!!!!!!!

I read about you girls got together, sounds like soooo much fun!!!!!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Your MIL tattles?? ROFLMAO ;)
Gorgeous layouts!!