Sunday, May 3, 2009

BLOG HOP CHALLENGE - LOL leave it to me to be late!!

AMM NSD Blog Hop & Scavenger Hunt

As part of AMM’s NSD crop we’re having a blog hop and a scavenger hunt. Here is how this will work; each one of the design team girls will have a special post for the blog hop where you will have the chance to get to know them a little bit better. Also, the end of the post there will be a clue that will lead you on a hunt through the AMM site. Be sure to check the NSD forum for complete information on the Blog Hop Challenge. Also, you can find links to the other design team girls’ blogs can be found in the (right/left) column.

Here’s a little interview for you to get to know me better:

Why is AMM your favorite online club? Well, because Michelle rocks, the girls rock, and those kits just rock!

What is your favorite item in the AMM store at the moment? Love the Prima flower vines

What’s on your current playlist? You can catch me listening to everything from Linkin Park, Duffy to Brad Paisley - yep, you got it - I'm a music junkie and love it all

What TV show must you watch each week? I would die without my weekly "House" abuse!

What is your guilty pleasure? This would be chips and salsa - lol, can you tell I'm from Texas?

What non-scrapbooking items do you love to use in your projects? Love found objects - mostly vintage

Are you a messy scrapper or clean and tidy? Please, please, please don't drop by unannounced - I would be so embarrassed!

Do you shop for your scrapbook supplies more online or at your LSS? Hmmm, I shop anywhere I can!!!!

If you were an entry in the dictionary, under what word would people find you? real - I am how I am

Using 6 words - how would you describe yourself? Funny?, loyal, sarcastic, loving, genuine, happy

What is your personal decorating style? Are you Contemporary, Modern, Vintage, Eclectic, Shabby Chic or other? Does it reflect or carry over to your scrap style? Traditional with an eclectic flair

How does your spouse, sig. other, or family, support and understand your scrapbook needs? He hates it!! LOL - too bad for him!

Now, onto some scavenger hunting. Here’s a clue for you:

How many DT girls are on manufacturer DTs as well? Which manufacturers’ DTs are they on?

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Lucy Edson said...

Fun to read more about you, Susan! If you dropped by my scrapping room unexpectedly I would be embaressed, too - it is a disaster most of the time. ;)