Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A fun little lo

I had so much fun doing this lo. I, again, used my wonderful E.A.D. Design's rub-ons (cute house, huh?). Anyway, I did a little lo with all the normal conversations that go on at our house like "Mama, get me something to drink." "Can I have that?" "Do I have school today? Why!?" But, I'm not sleepy" Pick up your toys! NEVER!" Quit jumping on me!" Please let's do I-Spy." "Wipe your hands on your napkin not your shirt!" I'm tire too, I don't want to cook dinner, but I have to" "I'm hungry. Can I have chocolate for dinner?" "Do I have to wash my hands?" "How do you know I went to the bathroom?" "Will you read this?" "Let's play Scooby Doo." "Put your shoes on we need to go, NOW!" "I love you Mama!" "You give the best hugs." "You're the best mama in the whole world!" - "Every bit of it worth it!"

As you can see life can be crazy, but yes, it is all worth it!

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