Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh that dang Facebook site

Ok, I finally found Facebook, I think in November last year? So, I get addicted - umm this is a trend of mine and a trait my hubby "really" loves about me - NOT! Well, around NSD time I signed up to do Yahoo IM and bang I am disabled from Facebook the next morning. I am like what the heck. I didn't do anything wrong!! Yahoo gave me to option to add my Facebook friends to my IM list. I was wracking my brain (what little bit of it there is of it) trying to figure out why I would be disabled. I am not vulgar and nor do I post vulgar photos... I obey rules (ooh, just you wait to see what I did wrong!). Anyway, after deduction, I assumed it was the Yahoo thing that did it.

Well, after pestering them for two weeks and not receiving any response whatsoever, I just said phooey on them and opened a new account. Guess what, yep, today I got that long lost email from Facebook. Here is what they wrote:

Hi Susan,

Thank you for providing this information. Facebook has limits in
place to prevent users from running programs that automatically
scan the site for certain content. Although this was not the case
in your situation, viewing or refreshing pages at a rapid rate may
cause your account to be disabled. Unfortunately, we are unable to
provide more information about this system.

However, after reviewing your situation, your account has been
reactivated. Please significantly slow down the rate at which you
browse Facebook and refrain from violating any of Facebook's Terms
of Use. You should also avoid using systems or products that
automatically refresh Facebook pages. We appreciate your cooperation
going forward.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

Ok, so it seems I "refreshed" too much!! How dare I "refresh" - is this in the rules? Though shall not "refresh"? I mean seriously, this is why they took one of my appendages for three weeks? Now, here's my dilemma - I now have two Facebook accounts. Which one do I use? Can you see me at both when you are logged into your Facebook? Am I now your friend twice - and does this make me special? I have never been faced with such a problem. What is a girl to do? I guess I could change my name on one, and wreck havoc on Facebook just to teach them a lesson. How dare them tell me I can not "refresh". I'll darn well "refresh" when I want to. I honestly think they made a mistake - and not owning up! LOL So, BEWARE, stay away from your refresh button. You may never know the danger that lurks when you do!


Emily said...

I think that makes you pretty darn special and I’m glad to know someone who “refreshes” too much…LOL

~ Grace ~ said...

I am so sorry for your loss for three weeks ... I too am like you and get addicted to forums and chat sites like FB. However I have to admit I did get a chuckle cause I too am a "Refresher"...

** stands up ** Hello, my name is Grace. (a crowd saying hello Grace rumbles in the background)I am a Refresh-a-holic. I have been refreshing FB for about 4 months now... LOL!

StrawberryPia said...

LOL! Ok, now I understand why I got another friend request from you! You are special and I like when people "refresh" it´s better than not to! LOL! /Pia