Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm in the Dog House...

Well so to speak! It's Willie B's dog house, and so are the rest of these amazing talented girls! We are all part of Nikki Sivils new mfg. dt. The announcement was made yesterday!


Introducing Willie-B's Leading Ladies....
The Domestic Design Team:
(they are in no particular order)

1. Charity Hassel from FL
2. Nathalie Leonelli from CA
3. Julie Tucker-Woleck from AZ
4. Deana Boston from MO
5. Jennifer Matott from NY
6. Susan Dupre from TX
7. Jana Eubank from UT
8. Mimi Leinbach from PA
9. Michelle Lanning from CA
10. Laura Achilies form CO
11. Deanna Misner from TN
12. Abbie Torroll from OK

The International Design Team:
(they are in no particular order)

1. Hilde Janbroers from the Netherlands
2. Emeline Seet from Singapore
3. Nadhrah Maidin from Malaysia
4. Mette Kallander from Sweden
5. Kathleen Glossop from Australia
6. Anne Jo Lexander from Norway
7. Ria Mojica from the Phillippines
8. Mieke Nagtegaal from Holland
9. Malin Dahlstrom from Sweden
10. Claude Campeau from Canada
11. Jodi Wilton from Canada
12. Michele Beck from France

Thank you to everyone who submitted, and please help me in congratulating these wonderful designers!! YAY!!!!!! I sincerely loved all the submissions. I hope all of you will stay in touch with Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker LLC!
We had hundreds and hundreds of submissions from all over the world!! It was extremely difficult to only pick 24! I believe we will have a great group of designers to show off our papers!
Please check back later for the debut of my new website
Thanks again for all of your sweet comments. I really enjoyed all of the "About Me" layouts and I can't wait to see what all of you will create with our new paper lines. Oh and stay tuned for the next paper line... Victoria's Street!! -Nikki
And, you will love this!! This is just one of Nikki's new lines that is coming out for CHA!! I get to play with it yippee!!! It is called "My Sweet Cherry Pie". Isn't it just the cutest!!!


cheryln said...

Congrats Susan! What an amazing team to be on!!!

Sue said...

Congrats Susan!! I see lots of familiar faces on the team :)

Kat/Car said...

Congrats!! I am a friend of Nikki's and have been blogging for her! I love the "in the doghouse" title!

Emily said...


Mette said...

Congrats to you! THis is just so much fun! Can´t wait to get started and work together with you and the rest of the girls on the team!

Julie said...

Congrats Susan I was so excited to see you name on the list.

steph devlin said...

Congratulations Susan. You so deserve this. Im a fan.
Steph xo

Ria Maningat-Mojica said...

Congrats Susan! Looking forward to working with you too!!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

YAY Susan - so happy to rub shoulders with u again LOL !! ;)

hilde janbroers said...

well, guess we stick together forever! you girl!

Mickey said...

Hi Willie B collegue, nice to meet you. Love your blog!

Crystal Brothers said...

Big congrats to you, chica! You totally deserve it!

Sasha said...


phamil said...

Congrats girlfriend!!! They're so lucky to have you, and their stuff looks really cool!!!!!!

Stacey said...

congrats Susan!!! That is awesome!!!