Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, I am guessing you thought I was talking to my son or husband. In this case it is the cat!!! This is a constant battle of wills between the two of us. I know he just wants to be with me, so I am always sure to give him a little kiss on the head before I pat his little rump off. I have to say this is getting to a constant annoyance. I wish he'd just get his own dang computer and leave mine alone!!


laterg8r said...

he likes the heat :D

phamil said...

What is it with cats and keyboards? Your kitty is beautiful! Love your latest work!!!

dstandard said...

LOL mine do the same thing!!! Now I have not only mine but my daughter's two cats and so they fight over this seat only to get booted off!

sarah said...

hahahaha!!! that is too darn cute! :)


Shazza said...

Hi Susan,

I came across your blog whilst blog hopping....... as you do.

Love your layouts , they are fab!!

If you ever need any inspiration I run two challenge sites:
ARTastic =


From Screen 2 Sscrap =

Would love you to come and play along or become a follower to get my most recent postings


JgWM said...

Hi Susan,

Mine is not longer with me and I miss her constant companion. LuLu was my daughters cat. One I booted her off the key board ( desk top computer not the lap top, she would perch on top of the big screen. Fortunately she was a very tiny car. She woudl then swat at the cursor when I moved it. The are so much fun>