Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So Hayden has this King of Kings festival at his school, which is new this year. The past years it has been a Nursery Rhyme festival. Well, I volunteered to help make these paper mache knights. How hard could it be? I mean I paper mache'd when I was little. I don't remember being stressed out over it then.

Well, me and Angelina, another mom, blow up our baloons. We start taping on the arms, legs and plumes - pop! Several times this happened. Then it happened when we got the first layer of paper mache on them! Ok, so we finally get three done. Now let me tell you about the paper mache mix. Angelina read we would need a thicker mix for living in a humid area. Fine, it worked. It was just thicker and a little messier. Next morning those things were still not dry. Did I tell you I'm not the smartest cupcake in the batch when it comes to paper mache? I get the bright idea to put them outside so they will dry faster. Bad bad mistake. When I got home later in the day, the casualty rate had increased. Ok, so now I am in tears. I am screaming at Brett because we are leaving to go to Louisiana the next day. I have to make three new forms and still have to put about 4 layers on each. I am feeling the pressure. Well, I go to Louisiana anyway, as you can see by the lo below. Yes, it was good to get away from my "knight"mare for a few days.

When we returned home, I went to work putting those layers on three new knights. Only this one stayed perfectly formed, lol. The other two have collapsed areas, but that is just tough. Anyway, Angelina came over yesterday to help dress the knights. However, she informs me that she has no artist ability and this was all up to me. Ok, so now you tell me Angelina! She was great at holding them still for me while I dressed them, a great glue applier and foam cutter. Thank you Angelina.

Hayden is proudly displaying a knight for you, but he says it looks more like a ninja. I really don't care. All I hope is that they make it through the next two days as kids from 2 to 5 throw balls at them. After that, if these don't live, it is up to the next sucker mom to volunteer to make more next year. All I know, is I wont be there! My next knight that I see better be handsome and flesh and blood. :D


phamil said...

LOL!!! That is too funny, maybe the poor little guys will make it!!! I think he's kinda cute!! Looks like a m&m in armour!!! LOL!!!

Sorry you had such a hard time! Just wanted to drop by and say "hi"!!!

laterg8r said...

oh you poor thing :D