Monday, September 7, 2009

My Slide Show

Well I thought it was time to add it to my blog. Often I try to pinpoint whether I have a certain style or not. I look at my lo's, and I definitely say no. I just love every style. I have mixed my lo's for viewing. You may see some that are not that great. I have included lo's that are a from a few months from when I started scrapping in my slide. Can you tell which ones they are? :D I had fun doing this slide. I so hope you enjoy looking at my work. LOL, even if it is to say "heck, I can do better than that". Tomorrow I will be posting a new post. I just had to write about how much fun I had loading up my older work tonight. :) Have a great night, day... wherever you may be. Hugs, Susan


~Sasha Farina~ said...

don't worry about styles.. i have none too. LOL..

LisaW said...

Maybe not having a style, is your style iykwim. I love your layouts Susan!!

Lucy Edson said...

I love your style, Susan - I often feel the same way - you are a fabulous artist! :)