Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You say "What is this?"

Ok, so I married a coonass from Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana. I have learned a lot in the last "almost" twenty years that I have been with my dear hubby Brett. Five and a half years ago we brought our sweet loving little boy into the world. Since then it has been my husband's quest to show him what life is like growing up as a good ol' Cajun boy. Brett's little brother built a camp for hunting (as you do down there in the bayou). Now to move it to your desired spot along the bayou it takes a long time. This weekend was the chosen time. It took about five hours or more to slowly move this camp down the bayou.

I wasn't expecting anything but to be bored. However, it was serene and a lot of fun. We cooked and ate and had a good ol' time. I actually had a good time, and so did Hayden. Although it had been a long day, Brett and I took Hayden back out on the bayou at night. I so wanted him to see it that way. I had only been out once at night, and I will never forget the experience. The wildlife was amazing. Well, our adventure wasn't the same in regards to the wildlife. They were nowhere to be seen. I think it was still to early in the year for this. However, there were tons of alligators. The time I went out I only saw eyes. This time we saw the whole thing. Yes, they were just babies, but still just as menacing! I would not want that four to five foot creature taking a nip at me.

So anyway, this is the camp that Uncle Brandon (aka Bro) and Uncle Jeffrey (cousin) built. We had a wonderful time - me oh my, out on the bayou....

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laterg8r said...

totally fun - crocs would freak me out too :D