Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Card & Christmas Card

I did these all for the the "Keeping it Simple" blog post this week at  I used a premade box that I just had to assemble from Creative Imaginations, and cover it with paper.  The card was also super easy.  I just strips of Pebbles, Inc. Ribbon and strips of pom pom fringe to make my tree.  I then added the chip star (also from Pebbles) on top.

For the Christmas tree above, I purchase a premade form from Hobby Lobby.  I tore strip of pattern paper and dipped the edges in gesso (you could us thick white paint as well).  I just continued to glue the strips on from the bottom up, so it looked like a tree covered in snow.  Next I added Pebble's Chips to act as ornaments for tree.  It took under 30 minutes to comple and was really simple to do!


laterg8r said...

love that pom pom tree, it would make a great accent on a scrap page too :D

Vel said...

YOU are a genius! I love that Christmas tree!

Ellen said...

LOVELY blog!!!!!