Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graphic 45 Contest at A Million Memories for NSD

One of A Million Memories NSD celebrations will be hosting a Graphic 45 Contest with the opportunity to win some awesome G45 papers. Details will be announced this Friday at This of course, is not the only fun and exciting events we will be hosting there. There will be plenty of fun and prizes to win. Come on over and play with us this weekend!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Creative Therapy

We all need it right? Some of us just need therapy, lol! I am so honored to be the Guest Designer this week for the Creative Therapy Challenge Blog

Now this is not your normal challenge blog. This site makes you think. It really is about therapy and finding that inner artist inside. When Karen, the founder of this awesome site, asked me to be a guest designer I was floored. You should see the ladies who have been guest designers there! No way am I in the same caliber as they are. Alas, though, there I am this week as a guest designer. Thank you Karen for choosing me to grace your site. It is a wonderful and meaningful site. I hope that others find this hidden jewel out there, because it is truly a wonderful place indeed with wonderful talented artists as well.

Catalyist No. 59 "Apologize to Someone"

I made an "Apology Box". My Journaling reads:

I apologize to myself for – never loving my self to make a difference in my life in the areas where needed.

I apologize to myself for – letting others in my past take advantage of me or abuse me.

I apologize to myself for – giving up and not pushing myself harder in areas I needed to work on.

I apologize to myself for – the times that I have been preoccupied and didn’t want to participate with others in my family. I have hurt not only them but myself as well.

I apologize to myself for – being critical or unbelieving of my self worth or talents.

I apologize to myself for – waiting so long to become a mother because I thought I would be the mother my own mother was. I was so wrong.

I apologize to myself for – keeping all the pain and hurt inside when I was younger. I should have shared it with someone.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

MY NEWS! I Made the Creative Team for E.A.D. Designs!

I love supporting and trying out for the smaller and new companies. That's how I found Graphic 45. E.A.D. Designs has such a unique products. They have been in business for seven year and do vinyl adhesives word art/art for walls. They are now branching out into the scrapbooking industry. Their products are super cut, and they can make any of their items any size you wish. How cool is that? Soooo, if you see a saying they have for wall art, you can request them to make it small enough for a lo. I just love the flexibility they offer! I hope you will check them out here

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ok, so of my friends laughed at me when I said I did a photo shoot with my cat, Yankee. Believe me just like any stubborn teen, sometimes he was cooperative and other times not. Ahh, the beauty of digital cameras - you can just delete those bad pics that somehow slipped in there. I think our little photo shoot went rather well. Don't you? Here is my beautiful "boy", and yes, he does get called a girl all the time (cuz he's so pretty).

Oh, and p.s. I have a little good news for me that I will share tomorrow. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Challenge at A Million Memories

CHALLENGE: Come on, "cut in out" before you "bling" me up Scotty!

I am challenging you to do cut work on your lo's. I have added the optional twist of adding bling to your lo's as well. If I like what I see, and I pick you as the winner, you'll get a nice little rak from me! Believe me, I'm a shopper. I have a lot of stuff I can never ever use. Come play a long at

Friday, April 17, 2009


Michelle is offering 20% off everything in the store! Code 415. If you have never been to her store, you are in for a treat. She carries the normal "must have" latest items, but Michelle also carries some really unique finds. She is always on the look out for unique vintage pieces that just wow you. You MUST go look!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dreamgirls have moved! Come play our new challenge at... Our challenge was to use a quote from a movie and chipboard. Mine is from the movie "Jerry McGuire". This quote is when Tom Cruise and the little boy are having a "who knows more" battle.

When Hayden was two he started wearing glasses. I also had his hair spiked, which I still do from time to time. Almost "every time" I do it, and we are out in public, someone will stop me and say "you know, he looks just like that little boy in Jerry McGuire". I have to agree he does, but he is still my little Hayden!

Hope you enjoy my lo, and I hope you come on over to play along for an awesome prize.

Monday, April 13, 2009

One Week Behind!!

Ok - I really have a good excuse!! My MIL was in town for 12 DAYS!! Yes, I survived. However, she tattled on me about everything I did to my husband. I couldn't scrapbook, or play on the computer like I normally would!

Weekend before last I went on a scrap retreat with some of my good friends from It was so cool meeting girls I had only talked to on the phone! We hit it off in person just like we do online. And, believe it or not, everyone survived my abuse! Even altercations at the 50% off store didn't stop these girls! I even had a slight brawl with Julie "RetroJulie" in the FancyPants section. You have to read all about the happenings on her Facebook site - too funny! I'd give you the run down, but she'd probably get upset if I was funnier that she is! LOL

Yes, even though there were late nights, shopping, eating.... We actually managed to scrap! I don't know how I managed. I never scrap with a plan. I just grab as I go. I had to bring things to scrap with this go around. My lo's actually turned out ok - he,hee I did get to shop for supplies though while we were there. Is that cheating? Anywho, I hope you enjoy the lo's I did. I haven't taken a pic yet of the one that blew in the pool yet. I think it "might" be flat enough now to get a decent pic!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Michelle, always stocks the prettiest things! If you are a girlie girl like me you should really check out the vintage finds - ooh la lah is all I can say!! She also has some of the latest and greatest goodies. Go check it out!! Here is the link

Thursday, April 2, 2009

OMG!!! I Made the A Million Memories Design Team!

I still can't believe this!! I love this site and the girls. Then there is Michelle the owner, who is crazy and fabulous!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! Hope to make you proud! Below are the girls on the team - hee,hee including me!

Dreamgirls in Feature

Come check us out!!

Here is the challenge for April!

Challenge #25: Time After Time

Come celebrate with us!
We are so pleased to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary with you.
Thank you all for making it happen, we are honored you come back time after time to participate.
Thanks to our fabulous, talented DT as well.
More great news, this month Dreamgirls will be featured in Scrap Street, we are very excited!

As of Aprill 15th we will be moving….so pack your bags and come along with us.
Set your new bookmarks to

Dreamgirls Challenge Blog
Fun exciting changes including FLICKR!


Challenge #25:
Prompt: Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
Create a project using part of the lyrics as your title or journaling

You can find the lyrics here
Time after time

Product: Must have a clock visible on your LO

Technique: Sewing or feaux stitching

Looking forward to seeing your take on this challenge: