Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lookie Lookie - A Million Memories June kit Sneak Peek!

Michelle just loads these puppies up!! Just look at all the wonderful goodies you will be getting!! Oh, and did you happen to recognize that paper? Yep, it's the latest release from Webster's Pages. I can't wait to get my kit!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Other Day...

Hayden and I had a good time going to this small outdoor park. I was able to get some fantastic photos of him. This one he looks so pensive, and I absolutely adore it. Sometimes he is just so handsome to me. I did this lo for the Sunday blog for A Million Memories. I wanted to show how you can use transparencies on your lo - not only for the photo, but you can stamp on transparencies or copy images on them. You just have to think outside the box. I also used my beautiful Graphic 45 papers. This page is from the Fashionista collection. Isn't it beautiful? AND, isn't my little guy handsome? I love him to pieces!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm In - They're Out

I break into Memory Makers, and they decide to shut down. Think it was something I did? (laughing out loud) Anyway, I was thrilled when I got a lo picked up. I just hate that they are closing shop. I really like receiving my magazine (especially when I'm in it!). Well, I thought I'd share my first and last lo with Memory Makers. My lo is the bottom one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A fun little lo

I had so much fun doing this lo. I, again, used my wonderful E.A.D. Design's rub-ons (cute house, huh?). Anyway, I did a little lo with all the normal conversations that go on at our house like "Mama, get me something to drink." "Can I have that?" "Do I have school today? Why!?" But, I'm not sleepy" Pick up your toys! NEVER!" Quit jumping on me!" Please let's do I-Spy." "Wipe your hands on your napkin not your shirt!" I'm tire too, I don't want to cook dinner, but I have to" "I'm hungry. Can I have chocolate for dinner?" "Do I have to wash my hands?" "How do you know I went to the bathroom?" "Will you read this?" "Let's play Scooby Doo." "Put your shoes on we need to go, NOW!" "I love you Mama!" "You give the best hugs." "You're the best mama in the whole world!" - "Every bit of it worth it!"

As you can see life can be crazy, but yes, it is all worth it!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dreamgirls Challenge 28

We were challenged to use fabric, the colors red, black, white and turquoise and use the words live, love, laugh. I freaked! I didn't have this done. I threw it together in 30 minutes just a while ago. I hope it doesn't look it!

I hope you will join in the fun for a chance to win an awesome RAK!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh that dang Facebook site

Ok, I finally found Facebook, I think in November last year? So, I get addicted - umm this is a trend of mine and a trait my hubby "really" loves about me - NOT! Well, around NSD time I signed up to do Yahoo IM and bang I am disabled from Facebook the next morning. I am like what the heck. I didn't do anything wrong!! Yahoo gave me to option to add my Facebook friends to my IM list. I was wracking my brain (what little bit of it there is of it) trying to figure out why I would be disabled. I am not vulgar and nor do I post vulgar photos... I obey rules (ooh, just you wait to see what I did wrong!). Anyway, after deduction, I assumed it was the Yahoo thing that did it.

Well, after pestering them for two weeks and not receiving any response whatsoever, I just said phooey on them and opened a new account. Guess what, yep, today I got that long lost email from Facebook. Here is what they wrote:

Hi Susan,

Thank you for providing this information. Facebook has limits in
place to prevent users from running programs that automatically
scan the site for certain content. Although this was not the case
in your situation, viewing or refreshing pages at a rapid rate may
cause your account to be disabled. Unfortunately, we are unable to
provide more information about this system.

However, after reviewing your situation, your account has been
reactivated. Please significantly slow down the rate at which you
browse Facebook and refrain from violating any of Facebook's Terms
of Use. You should also avoid using systems or products that
automatically refresh Facebook pages. We appreciate your cooperation
going forward.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

Ok, so it seems I "refreshed" too much!! How dare I "refresh" - is this in the rules? Though shall not "refresh"? I mean seriously, this is why they took one of my appendages for three weeks? Now, here's my dilemma - I now have two Facebook accounts. Which one do I use? Can you see me at both when you are logged into your Facebook? Am I now your friend twice - and does this make me special? I have never been faced with such a problem. What is a girl to do? I guess I could change my name on one, and wreck havoc on Facebook just to teach them a lesson. How dare them tell me I can not "refresh". I'll darn well "refresh" when I want to. I honestly think they made a mistake - and not owning up! LOL So, BEWARE, stay away from your refresh button. You may never know the danger that lurks when you do!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As heard on Two and Half Men last night - Yippee Skippee! I am going to post my latest lo's and card with these AWESOME rub-ons. Ok, I haven't got girlie yet really with them, but believe me they have flourishes, flowers.... as well. You guys know my boy pages are hardly ever masculine. Hee,hee using these rub-ons - I have actually done a few "masculine" lo's for Hayden. I also did this card, which was so easy to make using these. Because they are acrylic I was able to attach two different papers. The tree trunk actually just hung there until I added the top part of the tree. LOL, I know that doesn't make any sense. You would of had to of been there. Let me just say, it was something that you could not do with a regular rub-on that easily!

Ok, here's the scoop! Take a look at each of the Creative Teams blog. You can find a link to the right side of my blog for each Creative Team member. If you see a rub-on that you love that they have used, just leave a comment. You just might get lucky and win! Have fun!!

Above I used that cute tractor and the "Rough & Tough Boy" rub-on.

Ok, so I talked about how I did the tree, but I wanted to add that this is only one of the cute tree designs that come on the tree rub-on page! Can I say "CUTE"!

This lo I used the rub-on "Caution Little Boys at Play". I love that you can color in colors as you want. I used a marker to color in the word "caution" to make it construction yellow.

If you stroll down a few posts you will also see another boy lo of Hayden. These boy rub-ons are all on the same sheet. Isn't that cool that you get so many different styles? I usually only find myself using maybe on or two on a sheet. This time I have used "many" of them. Also, you can see a card that I used using the Paris rub-ons - can I say fun! Again, good luck!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day. I could have gone out, but decided staying home was fine with me. Actually, it was quite an enjoyable day. We spent the day just hanging around or should I say "floating around" in our pool. This was the first time for me to get in it. Geez, believe it or not, the water was warm! If I were still in Massachusetts, believe me that would not be happening. In fact, we wouldn't even have a pool up there unless it was an above ground pool. Up there you can't even plant flowers for a few more weeks. Man, down here we've been bloomin all year long!! He,hee lets see if I'm still singing the praises when it's 100 plus and humid outside.

So, hubby also gave me free time to scrap (without complaining - please refer to previous posts regarding "Mr. Grumpybutt"), and I squeezed in a nap as well. Yeah, ya gotta get as much out as you can on days like mother's day, birthdays, NSD (lol).... Ok, so here is one that I did Sunday. It is for the Prima Build a Page Contest. Hope you like it!

Oh, and be sure to check back here tomorrow. E.A.D. Designs has been celebrating 7 years in business. We are having a blog hop. You just might win some cool rub-ons too!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Seriously How cute is this rub-on?!!

This vinyl rub-on is from E.A.D. Designs. Could it be any more perfect for me? It's a little shopping bag!! How cute!! Every "normal" girl loves to shop. I do way too much according too grumpy pants. Again, I can't sing the praises enough of these rub-ons!! They are so freaking easy to work with! I also love how crisp they look on the paper. I was able to color them in, and the vinyl acted as a guide for my marker. It was so easy. I didn't even have to worry about going over the edge - way cool!

OK, so who had a blast over NSD weekend?! Me!! (waving hand furiously) I was lucky enough again to win a prize over at I always love this weekend. It seems everyone is online having fun and playing. We also had NSD over at A Million Memories. It was a lot of fun and fun getting online with the girls to chat. I was seriously laughing out loud. The fact that most of us were having a little something to drink helped (mind you this was at night!).

I really flubbed up though in regards to our blog hop below. I was supposed to post at 9 am pst and 12 pm est. Well, all we had been doing was based on pst. I read 12 pm, so I'm lolligagging around. The girls over at AMM are urgently trying to get a hold of me to post my blog. Hee,hee I am now like almost 2 hours late. Well, I was scrapping! Give a girl a break will ya. Anyway, I now claim it was all part of my plan to keep the game more challenging and interesting. That's my story, and I'm stickin to it. :P

I have to say grumpy pants was a great sport this weekend. Ok, ok, yes, it is mean calling him that, but seriously this man just gives me grief over scrapping. Yes, I do spend way too much money and it takes way to much time away from the family. Hello? but, isn't this supposed to happen when you are obsessed about something? Anyway, he was a dear heart this past weekend. He let me play to my heart's content without a word of complaint. Last night he said "So you scrapped all weekend, tomorrow are you going to devote time to your family?". Ahhh, it was short lived but sweet. He is at work right now. (rubbin my hands with an evil laugh) What is that saying? "While the cat's away the mice will play".

Off to wake up the critter now for school. We'll see how well this goes.....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

BLOG HOP CHALLENGE - LOL leave it to me to be late!!

AMM NSD Blog Hop & Scavenger Hunt

As part of AMM’s NSD crop we’re having a blog hop and a scavenger hunt. Here is how this will work; each one of the design team girls will have a special post for the blog hop where you will have the chance to get to know them a little bit better. Also, the end of the post there will be a clue that will lead you on a hunt through the AMM site. Be sure to check the NSD forum for complete information on the Blog Hop Challenge. Also, you can find links to the other design team girls’ blogs can be found in the (right/left) column.

Here’s a little interview for you to get to know me better:

Why is AMM your favorite online club? Well, because Michelle rocks, the girls rock, and those kits just rock!

What is your favorite item in the AMM store at the moment? Love the Prima flower vines

What’s on your current playlist? You can catch me listening to everything from Linkin Park, Duffy to Brad Paisley - yep, you got it - I'm a music junkie and love it all

What TV show must you watch each week? I would die without my weekly "House" abuse!

What is your guilty pleasure? This would be chips and salsa - lol, can you tell I'm from Texas?

What non-scrapbooking items do you love to use in your projects? Love found objects - mostly vintage

Are you a messy scrapper or clean and tidy? Please, please, please don't drop by unannounced - I would be so embarrassed!

Do you shop for your scrapbook supplies more online or at your LSS? Hmmm, I shop anywhere I can!!!!

If you were an entry in the dictionary, under what word would people find you? real - I am how I am

Using 6 words - how would you describe yourself? Funny?, loyal, sarcastic, loving, genuine, happy

What is your personal decorating style? Are you Contemporary, Modern, Vintage, Eclectic, Shabby Chic or other? Does it reflect or carry over to your scrap style? Traditional with an eclectic flair

How does your spouse, sig. other, or family, support and understand your scrapbook needs? He hates it!! LOL - too bad for him!

Now, onto some scavenger hunting. Here’s a clue for you:

How many DT girls are on manufacturer DTs as well? Which manufacturers’ DTs are they on?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Challenge 27 is up at The Dreamgirls Challenge Blog!

We had to do a lo about mother and child. I chose to do a lo about my wonderful sisters. The hidden journaling is behind the photo.

It reads: My real mom has never been a nurturing or good mom. I was - am blessed to have older sisters. My oldest sister, Jean, has always been my nurturer. Even as an infant, she was the one to feed me, change me, and put me to bed. As a young teen she took me in when my mom and step-dad moved to a retirement community (no place for a teenage girl). My next sister, Annette, has always inspired me. When I was younger, I was a sponge to her artistic talent, and she help mold me and cultivate my creative talents.

Without the love and support of these two women, I would be lost. Now that I have a child of my own, I am thankful that they love and spoil my child as if he were their own grand-child. I am truly blessed, and I love my sisters. They are the best moms a girl could ever have.

Come play along for a chance to win a prize!

Friday, May 1, 2009

E.A.D. Designs Rub-Ons!!!

Are definitely the coolest!!! Ok, I recently just made the team and just received products yesterday. I have to say that they vinyl rub-ons are SO EASY to work with!! They don't rub off where you don't want them or turn out splotchy. What else is cool, is that you can have different sizes made! E.A.D. Designs started off doing wall art, but are moving into the scrapbook industry as well. Anyhow, if you see something in their product gallery that you think you'd love to use on a scrapbook page, just email them and ask! There's a good chance that they can make it the size you want! I have only done one lo, since I just got my supplies. However, be prepared to see more soon. This stuff is awesome!!