Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great New Challenge Site "Lift This"

I was honored when Nicole LeBlanc asked to use one of my lo's for their new site.  It's about digital scrapbooking, and no I don't do it.  If I did, you'd know why I "don't", lol.  I need help just getting through Photoshop!  However, I have to say I admire those that can do digital scrapping.  This site is so cool because their inspiration comes from paper lo's that have dimension, and then they try to recreate that look in a digital lo.  I won't bore you with showing you my lo because if you follow my blog you've seen my lo "dream".  However, if you have "not" seen their fabulous creations, please hop on over to their site to see their take on my lo.  Also it's a great site, if you'd like to have a go at digital scrapping or for inspiration! 

Check it out Lift This.

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