Sunday, June 20, 2010

How Cool is This!?! I'm on the blog for Scrap Art Zine in Germany!

Yesterday, my friend Nat (Nathalie Kalbach) who is a designer for Scrap Art Zine, a German magazine told me my blog and Heidi Kelly's blog were featured on the blog for the magazine.  I was like, wow,  what an honor!! Heidi is third down and I am last.

Nat was kind of enough to translate what was written to English.  Here is what they wrote:
Susan's layouts describe pure vitality. The colorful and lovingly details let ones heart beat faster. There are also many unique projects on her blog. I'm faszinated by her ability to do the most beautiful creations out of simple materials. Her ability to work with papers is amazing. This is a blog worth a frequently visit.

Thank you Nat!!  You rock!


Stacy said...

FABULOUS!!! Congrats ladies :)

hilde janbroers said...

congrats! totally deserved!!

Heidi Kelley said...

Woot! You are fabulous girl, I LOVE that we were on that and surprised, together. xx