Friday, September 10, 2010

Color Combos Galore 159 is Up!!

Wow, it is Friday already!!!  I am getting so old!!  I used to tease my mom, because I know the older you are the quicker time flies.  I used to tell her she probably only remembers going to sleep and then waking up because it goes by so quickly.  Well....umm....I think I am starting to get that way now.  I swear a whole week just disappears like that!   Saying that, another week has also passed for Color Combos Galore too.  This week is a school layout.  I used some of my Momenta papers for this one - why not kill two birds with one stone right?

My Layout 

Inspiration Board 159

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beautiful layout!
Following you now:)
Hope you stop by my blog sometime too:)