Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keeping You In The Know....

If you love sketch books, you might just as well love this more!  There is a new app coming for your phone by  How cool is that?!  You can now carry sketches with you where ever you go.  If you are a crop..., and you get stuck for an idea, all you have to do is pull up your Sketches2Scrapbook app on your phone and inspiration is there.

I pulled this off of the website.  I am honored to be a part of such an amazing group of artists for this project. Thanks for the opportunity Anam!
a huge thank you!
Sketches 2 Scrapbook would not be possible without the support, talents and time from a whole bunch of people, least of which are the amazing scrapbookers who pulled out all the stops to make me some exclusive and beautiful layouts!!
So a huge thank you to the following talented Scrapbookers!!
(if you click their name, it will briong you to their blog, website etc)
Amber Packer
Anna Sigriour Eyjolfsdottir
Azura Alyssa
Camila Bossori
Candy Rosenberg
Carolyn Exwood
Chantel Mernickle
Cheri Johnson
Cheryl Nyboer
Christina Colon
Claire Crompton
Dawn Pritchard
Deb Famularo
Diana Kennedy
Elaine Loughlin
Elisabetta Colavero
Evelien Verschelde
Frances Sylvia
Francesca Calabro
Ginger Demmert
Janet Zeppa
Janine Koczwara
Janine Wahl
Jemma Richmond-Murray
Jillian Williams
Jing van Opstal
Keandra Willis
Ki Kruk
Kirsty Riach
Lalo Ishiki-Kalahele
Leanne Inkpen
Leica Forrest
Lisa Saunders
Louisa Lingwood
Louise Stevenson
Mandy Dodd
Maya Oren-Dahan
Michelle Jacknicke
Mireille Divjak
Nadine Wolansky
Nancy Doren
Nancy Hanttula
Oddbjorg Ringsby
Patricia vanGelder
Rachel Ward
Ronee Parsons
Rossella Palladino
Sandie Dunne
Simona Montanari
Stacy Stone
Star Rork
Stephanie Kaye
Susan Dupre
Suzann Jones
Teresa Matz
Tiffani Smith
Tracy-Lihanne Lane
Vanessa Rupp-Hayden
Wati Basri
Yatie Tajudin
and Zoe Nemburt.

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Lydell said...

Just going through the Blog Hop List over at TCR Susan, and it brought me here. Thanks for sharing, it was a lovely visit!!!