Monday, October 18, 2010

Whew What A Weekend!!

I know most of you follow me to see my latest scrapping goodies, but I thought I'd share a little of my life as well!  As you know we have a puppy who I and my son fondly call "the wild beast".  This is partly because she is just plain and simply wild due to the fact that she's HUGE and almost five months old!  I have no idea how she got so big so quickly!  Anywho, we went to Louisiana for Brett's mom's 75th birthday party.  Jolie, the puppy, stayed at the Cypress Fall Pet Resort and Spa, bwhahaa!!  That cracks me up.  So far I have received no phone calls about any damage that she may have caused.  I am keeping my fingers crossed when I go pick her up!  (I mean I am keeping my fingers crossed for "no damage").

Well, it is a five hour drive to Cajun land down there.  We drove down Saturday night - had the party yesterday at the park - drove back last night - WHEW!   We had a crazy awesome time.  Brett's family is big - five of them kids with the spouses, their children, their children's children and some of them so on....  Let it be said right now - yes, I did great in English!  I can write properly, but I prefer to write like I talk or think.  Get used to it from me. :)   I thought I would share some photos of the crazy party we had.  It was so fun!!

The character that looks like the "Jack in the Box" ball below is my goofy hubby Brett.

Sack races Cajun style - in "crawfish sacks" of course!  Karson, our nephew and God child would not step foot in a crawfish sack until he was sure there were no crawfish in them!

There is my goofy husband again!!  Ya think that sack is a little small for him?

You feeling sorry for me yet?  Yep, this is what I have to live with!!

Mama Rena pinning the nose on Elmo.  Oh, and I must share a mother's proud moment. "My son" Hayden was the only one to get it the nose right where it belonged.  His achievements in life make me so proud.

Poor Leenie.  She just wasn't getting it.  We kept saying left.  We finally had to break down and tell her "her (other) left".

 Mama Rena swing at air.  It didn't help that every time she swung Uncle Todd would pull the lady bug pinata up in the air.  He's such a meanie.

Ah Yah!!  Who knew one little lady bug would be so hard to kill?!?  We finally had to resort to  pulling her strings to get her open.  She (or he - they say lady bugs are male, right??) was one tough little lady!

Our newest addition, Gavin was just pooped out over all the excitement!  After this we had a little trip to the water, where the kids decided it was best to get all wet and muddy because we were getting ready to go home.  I would have pictures, but my camera battery also decided it was time to poop out.  

All in all, a good trip and a good time....except for that 5 hour drive back to Houston and the kid in the back seat asking "are we almost there" every 15 minutes.  :)  All in all, a good weekend.


Jamie Lane said...

It looks like a lot of fun to be had by all! Such great photos, really capturing the family spirit! :)

Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

Looks like a really great party there Susan! Love to see the smile on each faces. Where do you live and why is everyone is dressed like summer? I want to move there! LOL.