Thursday, January 13, 2011

Twisted Sketches #84 is Up!

Hey all you Twisted Sketches followers!  The sketch is up over at the site.  Come play along!  The twist this week is "winter" any how, any way!  My layout is of my old house in Massachusetts, where we had snow, snow, snow and the more snow.  However, it rather cold here in Houston, and now that I have lived in and become acclimated to the weather - I have to say I have become a big wimp.  I am really really dreading taking the puppy out in the morning!  This is one time her "doing her business" inside almost sounds like a good thing, lol!

If you live where it is cold, I hope you are freezing your butt off!  I'd hate to be doing this alone!  If you live ins say "Australia", I'm seriously envious of you right now!   I have to say though, I do miss the snow and the snow pictures!


hilde janbroers said...

beautiful layout!! wow!!

S said...

Who knew that snow could be so exciting - love the layout!