Friday, February 18, 2011

Color Combos Galore 180 is Live!!

You will have to pardon my absence lately.  Our house as been a little under the weather.  I squeezed this one out for the challenge even though I have not felt like scrapping - sorry if it is not great.  I missed last week, and I didn't want to let CCG down another week.  On a happier note though - my husband is still living!  My hubby was home all last week (5 days - plus the weekends) sick (yeah, I'm pretty sure the rotten scoundrel gave it to me), and I did not kill him.  He stole my computer all that week and was plain grumpy.  I deserve a medal.  It is amazing when I am sick I still have to get Hayden up, feed him, take him to school, take the dog out, go grocery shopping, make dinner....  Ok, I know all you moms get it.  Whew, that felt better to get that off my chest, lol.   Anywho.... let me pop up this weeks color combo and my layout for ya!

Inspiration Board 180

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hilde janbroers said...

beautiful!!! love the color combo